About us


MEDSTETICA Health and Beauty Center is a modern medical facility, which provides services in two fields of medicine: esthetic gynecology and esthetic dermatology&cosmetology. Using the new generation of medical equipment and the knowledge of experienced doctors and specialists, we have prepared a wide range of treatment methods that help improving the quality of life, eliminating health problems and correct the appearance of patients. Our medical center is equipped with a specialized laser MonaLisa Touch™, produced by the Italian company Deka. Having several different heads, the device is multifunctional and allows performing various types of treatments. With the use of MonaLisa Touch™, we treat urinary incontinence and carry out the revitalization of the vagina and labia. We also make labioplasty and remove warts. Among many services, our patients may also whitening private parts and correct scars being result of natural delivery or caesarean section. We also perform medical procedures in the field of esthetic dermatology: reducing stretch marks, acne scars, removal of skin lesions and scars. In MEDSTETICA Health and Beauty Center we also carry out plastic surgery of crotch using Vaginal Narrower® threads, the world's first fully absorbable suture threads (series Happy Lift). Our offer also includes treatments with fillers based on hyaluronic acid, which allow restoring elasticity and volume of labia. All our doctors have completed specialist trainings in the field of esthetic gynecology and use of MonaLisa Touch™ laser. The knowledge and experience of our doctors are the guarantee of the safety and effectiveness of their services. For our patients we prepared many promotions. We kindly invite to familiarize with the full range of treatments offered at MEDSTETICA Health and Beauty Center.

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